e2x Engineering does not limit its work within specific industries. The engineering staff is used to moving between industries and learning about new customers as well as regulatory needs. See below for industries where we have existing experience.

Consumer Electronics

Testing to regulatory and internal standards, working through flexible design processes, and often truly pushing the limits of technology.

White Goods

Our experience is with high end white goods, particularly related to technologies which break decades old standard implementations for the better.


We have been involved in De Novo products and have worked inside quality systems as they are being created. We have also written a number of specialized memos to prove safety and effectiveness to non-standard designs.


We have experience in the industrial space designing equipment and systems which are new technologies with little definition as to what is “standard” in the industry. We understand that you need to convince a few big customers of the benefits your product provides.

Good engineering knows no industry.

If your industry isn’t on this list you should still contact us. We are used to moving to new industries in order to meet a need.

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