What is e2x Engineering

e2x engineering is an engineering contracting and consulting company founded to benefit social and environmental projects and companies. In order to serve these companies e2x Engineering has a belief in excellent engineering skills and knowledge that is ever increasing and a requirement for moral and ethical practices.

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The Mission Statement

“e2x Engineering is founded to provide excellent engineering and research contract and consulting services in markets and companies where “human society” or the environment has the potential to be substantially and sustainably impacted for the better. This company shall perform this work in such a way that the employees are provided substantial freedom in their career to prioritize their company contributions, professional growth, and personal lives in a fair and equitable manner.”

The mission statement guides the company to prioritize services to socially and environmentally minded companies as well as increase the company’s capability by providing flexibility to its employees through personal growth and retain that talent through fairness with their personal lives.

Business Ethics

The company shall perform work in a moral and ethical manner.

Employees shall tell the truth including reasonably pertinent known information available outside of intellectual property.

Employees shall treat society and the environment with respect by improving both or minimally, using industry best practices to reduce the effects particularly in a sustainable way.

At no time should an employee engage in illegal activities.

Employees shall treat others within and outside the organization with respect, dignity, honesty, and fairness as well as expect and require that others do the same towards them.

Employees shall use information gathered from clients respectfully and safely including but not limited to corporate information, intellectual property, and data.

Employees shall perform work as to further the company’s mission including supporting a positive financial outlook.

The business ethics of e2x Engineering ensure a fair environment for all who interact and work within the company.

Does my company mission need to align?

e2x Engineering prioritizes companies that have missions related to social and environmental impact however we still want to work with companies that don’t! Social and environmental impact is often achieved through small changes in places that don’t have these specific missions. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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