No one knows exactly what you want. Those that can become your expert in your specific application are what you truly need.

But those with appropriate background experience can do it faster.

Expertise and Experience

Experience in


Research Engineer

Developing knowledge for real world applications is one of e2x Engineering’s strengths. Have you noticed that all the images on the company website are from patents? These are patents where an employee was an inventor.

Design Engineer

After research comes application. We can learn any new proprietary technologies associated with your projects and apply it towards a design from initial concept development to manufacturing and continuing engineering.

Engineering Manager

We have experience with electrical engineering project management and personnel management. Personnel management is best as a temporary service to fill a gap however project management can be provided for the duration of a project’s development if needed.


As we work with your team we want to ensure that you aren’t permanently reliant on us. The best way to ensure this is to let us mentor or teach your current engineers so that there are not significant gaps in knowledge.

Experience in Engineering

Power Electronics Design

We have experience in power electronics research organizations pushing the limits of what is possible including the creation of proprietary converters. We can do small converters, but we can also do complex specialized converters and ensure the design meets your project’s needs.

Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Design

From power electronics we have expanded to electrostatic and magnetostatic designs including touch interfaces, sensor shielding, electrical coupling, transformers, magnetic models, and proprietary magnetic designs.

RF Antenna Design

With higher frequency operation the interplay of magnetic and electric fields must be taken into account and the knowledge from electrostatics and magnetostatics was coupled into electromagnetics and we have experience designing custom antennas particularly in cross-body environments.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Power and energy must come from somewhere and we have experience integrating lithium ion batteries into products to meet safety and performance goals under strict requirements.

Other Backgrounds

Analog Circuits

Small analog circuits are often implemented for safety implementations or to simplify a more expensive digital solution.

Low Noise Design

From mechanical design to promote isolation of noise sources to careful filter and ADC selection to remove the rest we’ve done it.


We have handled integration and debugging of GPS modules and systems in difficult industrial environments.

Thermal Analysis

With power electronics and batteries a level of thermal analysis is required to assure performance and safety.

Motor Control and Design

We have done custom motors and motor control drives for demanding situations.

Digital Design

From digital control systems to communications busses to user interfaces we have experience with digital design.

If you need a different expertise

Our engineers have a solid grounding in their engineering fields and either already have the knowledge or can quickly learn it. Don’t avoid contacting us just because a skill isn’t listed!

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